About Us

Vice President, WildRoots, India
An Artist & Photographer, Mr.Ranjan De is the ‘driving force’ behind the Creative ethos that binds WildRoots. Also a Designer and Concept Art for Ad Films and Commercial, he was associated with the Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and University of Calcutta for over 35 years.
Vice President of our organization, Mr.De inspires us with his master clicks and encourages young wildlife photographers to observe nature and its bounties with the ‘naked eye’, before even touching the camera. ‘Art in Conservation’- a Concept which is realized by us through our project, was envisioned by him.

Secretary, WildRoots, India
Sanjib is the Secretary of WildRoots, India.
"Earth is the Space...and we are merely the Objects dependent on it" - that is why we need to care this planet. From my childhood days, the urge for conservation had been imbibed in my blood, to love and respect nature and my surroundings. No matter when and where we were born, its the mighty Nature we all are wrapped around with. We are the part of the Circle of Life! My main aim is to educate the teenagers, to spread the humanity through nature, encourage them to feel it, love it, and care. I strive to move ahead, being a tiny creature trying to save Nature...building my forces everyday!

Assistant Secretary, WildRoots, India
I confess (with all my heart) that birding gets my heart throbbing like nothing else. So be it the unfamiliar call of a bird which I hear at a random bus-stop, a small bird zooming past me, and the birder in me wanting to follow it ( even though he knows it may turn out to be a sparrow ), a completely new bird ( lifer, in birding terminology ) showing off its plumage right in front of me, while I drool away at the sight of it, or even ( funnily enough! ) my parents or, on recent occasions, my friends, trying to wake me up from sleep by shouting, ” there’s a bird perched outside the verenda!”, and me waking up and running outside like a bullet out of a pistol, all these get my heart throbbing, and I must say, that I absolutely love the feeling.

Content Developer & Life Member, WildRoots, India
A true conservationist at heart, Aishwarya had won Sanctuaryasia's "Young Naturalist Award" in the year 2011. She is a poet and had written many poems and articles on nature and wildlife, which have been published in many leading newspapers and wildlife magazines. She conducts nature trails for students to spread the message of conservation and awareness. She has ventured into wildlife photography very recently, but some of her photographs have already been showcased and various exhibitions. She is also keen on making WildLife Documentary Films and her film "The Jewel of Vidharbha" was selected among the topmost films at the 14th International Film Festival in Pune under the MTDC section. She is our content developer and has been granted Life Membership to WildRoots.
Her Conservation Agenda - As a student my biggest contribution towards conservation is to create awareness in the minds of the younger generation around me. Through awareness people would gain knowledge and with knowledge would come the inspiration for action. I hope to set the wheel rolling for a greener future through my writings.

Student Member, WildRoots, India
"In every walk with Nature one receives far more then he seeks" ~ John Muir
Violina Das is currently doing her BA in Political Science from Ramjas College, University of Delhi.
As she says - 'Nature have never failed to mesmerize me. It's beauty always brings delight to my heart. I love to sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon the flourishing garden, the hills, the lakes and all it's beautiful creatures, in North East India. But it seems Nature have been depleting day by day. Each day we come to hear of many and new environmental problems taking place all over the world like deforestation, habitat loss, overfishing, plastic pollution, issues with dams, land use and many more. The most important discussion that should take place now is between the developing and the developed nations and not just debate upon who is most responsible for the depletion of the natural bounties, but who should take it up more seriously, responsibility and should be spreading awareness.' We are proud to have her with us!

Member, WildRoots, India
Student of Architecture, Subhankar’s main interest is Environmental Design. He is a Nature Photography enthusiast and an active member of WildRoots, India. He is also interested in designing butterfly and pollinator gardens that form an important part in the Urban Species Conservation drive that was initiated during the year 2014 with support from Earth Day Network, India.
“With WildRoots I learn each day…each moment! The weekend hikes and field trips organized by the organization have given me an opportunity to explore and understand the flora and fauna in and around the city more closely. Being a student of Architecture, I like to know more about the use of Sustainable Building Materials and find out ways in which I can incorporate in my designs for conservation.”

Member & Curriculum Designer, WildRoots, India
A Biology and Environment Science Educator, Ruchi Rai Sharma is a member and Curriculum Designer of WildRoots, India. She has the zeal to develop new methods of imparting knowledge and connecting to the youth that not only helps in building the concepts but also provides an opportunity for them to relate with their environment and their surroundings. She has done her Masters in Zoology and is the recipient of Global Teacher Accreditation Award from the British Council for “Implementing Peer Education in the field of generating awareness for conservation of biodiversity among the school going children”. She has done her specialization in Entomology and has also published a research paper on “Studies on Some Insects (Diptera: Calliphoridae) of Forensic Importance with Reference to Their Role in Estimating Post Mortem Interval (PMI) on Different Flesh Samples”, Annals of Forestry, 14(1):74-82.

Member & Curriculum Designer, WildRoots, India
Sarbari Karmakar is presently working in Sri Aurobindo Institute of Education, Salt Lake, Kolkata, West Bengal for about 9 years as a Biology & Environmental Science teacher. She did her Masters in Botany from the University of Calcutta, West Bengal. She shares her experiences during the University years - 'We had local and long excursions. During those excursions, we not only learned how to collect and preserve different plant specimens, but also how to conserve them. Particularly during our long excursions, we were taught that some specimens were becoming rare so we should not destroy them in their natural habitat. That was the first time I was introduced towards preservation of our Ecosystem'. While going through the curriculum of Environmental Science, she came to know about many of the problems and dangers our environment is going through and had started reading articles on conservation and Global Issues like Climate Change, and the various ways the flora and fauna are destroyed. It was during her professional courses, that she realized, that guiding the pupils only within the classroom situation is not enough. They need to come out of the classes and experience some real-life situations. 'My subject gives me ample scope to do that, and being a part of WildRoots, I am looking forward for more such opportunities.' WildRoots welcomes her to be a part of our Task-Force of Students and Teachers.

Founder President, WildRoots, India
Designer and Educationist by profession & 'Conservationist at Heart', Biswajit has won the - 'Global Teacher Accreditation' from the British Council & Cambridge Education Foundation.In 2014, Mr. De won this award for his 'Action Research Project: Creating Teacher Leaders to Impart Global Awareness Through Innovative Teaching of Biology'. The GTA Accreditation gave Mr. De the opportunity to integrate Biodiversity Awareness and Conservation Paradigms within the existing curriculum of his school, and many others, which is a crucial subject area for Northeast India. He is also a trainer of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Skills, a Mentor to the State of Meghalaya, for schools located in the Garo Hills, and a part of the British Council Education Quality Improvement Pathways for Schools (EQUIPS) Training Team. He is working as the Creative Director and International Coordinator at a reputed school in Guwahati, Assam, India.Mr. De is a member of IUCN-CEC (Commission on Education and Communication).
His Conservation Agenda - I am an Eager-Learner who learns each day from the wonderful people mentioned above. Conservation to me comes by choice...as a responsibility which was inspired by many people whom I have met in my life. I intend to use my Core-Skills in Art & Design to spread the awareness, as they are powerful media to reach out to the young minds. The sole aim of WildRoots is to inspire and encourage people to make this world a better place for not only the humans..but also the other lives that surges on this planet. The team of WildRoots is small...and it will remain small, with only people who strive to make a difference in their lives, work silently with a vision to conserve, and most importantly, keep the avenues of learning more...open!

                 International Contributors

Honorary International Mentor
Undergraduate Student at Wofford College, USA studying Biology and Arabic. Laney attended the Student Climate and Conservation Congress in the US, to pursue a deeper understanding and consciousness of environmental issues through work with fellow students and became a Student Mentor. She grew up in Cornwall, England, surrounded by the sea and rivers and water systems. It became such a major part of her childhood and when she grew old enough to learn about the dangers threatening the things she loved (and may have even taken for granted), she was inspired to do something! We are proud to have her as an Honorary International Mentor for projects and programmes related to conservation.
From Laney:
Living in America, I have seen how politics have a massive impact on the lack of environmental protection and conservation, particularly under the current political climate. The world doesn’t stop for anyone, as we have seen through the latest UN climate change report, and so it is up to us to educate - as well as spark both inspiration and a passion for the world around us - with young people as they are our future and have the power and will to be the change we have been needing!

Honorary International Mentor
Terry Prouty is an enthusiast of Social Wasps (aka: hornets, yellowjackets, and paper wasps). He is also an avid collector of their huge wasp nests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana - The bigger the better! One of the main reasons why he is so passionate about wasps is because the nests which they build are very beautiful and intricate. The marvelous creations are truly natural architectural Masterpieces of Nature! He has been collecting them since he was a young teenager growing up in Louisiana back in the 1980's. So, for the past 35 years, Terry joined in the 'little-known' hobby of wasp nest collecting. He has been collecting numerous wasp nests over the past years. In addition to building incredible nests, wasps are very beneficial to have around. Although most people think of wasps as pests, they benefit mankind and the environment in many ways. They help control invertebrate pests by preying on large numbers of them. As he says - 'Just think of wasps as natural pest control! This really does help to cut down on the use of harmful pesticides. This is healthier for our environment in the long run. It is much better for a gardener to allow a wasp nest to grow on his/her property and have the wasps prey on the garden pests rather than spraying poison on the vegetables! By the way, wasps are great pollinators too.' We are proud to have him as an Honorary International Mentor for Conservation Projects related to Conservation of Bees and Wasps.

Honorary International Mentor
Mr. Tshering Tobgay is currently serving as an Environmental Educator in one of the High Schools in Bhutan. He did his masters study in Environmental Science from Noida International University, India with the support of prestigious Nehru-Wangchuck Scholarship. As he says - 'It has been a running good number of years, since I started to give more attention towards saving the components of environment. In particular, I am a very much keen bird watcher and love sharing the importance of conserving birds to any fellow or young generation. I am also helping several schools in Bhutan to launch bird watching club, as well as giving awareness by visiting the schools. For the larger section of Bhutanese to get educated on the importance of birds, I have created a social forum ‘Birds of Bhutan’. Today, the forum has more than ten thousand members and it has become one of the pioneering forum in motivating many youths and elderly to take up bird watching in Bhutan. The success stories of the forum have been many, as reflected by National Media of Bhutan.
We are proud to have him as an Honorary International Mentor for projects and programmes related to conservation.

Honorary International Mentor
Linh is a Wildlife Conservationist who is currently a Master student of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies of the National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan. Linh's expertise lies in the conservation of the Pangolin with a particular interest in the illegal trade on the species. In the last few years, she was working in Central Africa as a fellow/leader of the MENTOR-POP (Progress on Pangolins) Program funded the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with efforts to raise the profile of the endangered species. By researching on the underlying factors influencing attitudes and behaviors of wildlife/pangolin consumers and engaging local people there in wildlife conservation, her collected data has helped to plan strategies for effective reduction in the demand for pangolins and other threatened species. She is currently working on a research focusing on 'human dimension aspects to access local ecological knowledge on pangolins' in Taiwan. In 2016, Linh received the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication’s Young Professional Award that recognizes a young conservationist who conducts excellent work in conservation through education and communication and is advancing opportunities for inspiring others. We are proud to have her as an Honorary International Mentor for projects and programmes related to conservation.